How do I extend the power cable for a new Ring Cam PRO?

The cable to power my new Ring Cam PRO is far too short (and inconveniently has a large junction box in the centre of it). I need to get power from a wall socket, through the wall then along the outside of the wall and to the camera. The camera has a USB-C connection for the cable.
Ideally I need a cable that is 5m from the wall plug to the USB-C without any junction boxes in the middle but I can’t see any option for anything like that.
Alternatively I can see USB-C extender cables for sale online but these only appear to be up to 1m in length. I think I could get several and keep the junction box inside the house and just run the cable to the camera through the wall but I don’t really want a cable with multiple joins in it. The only extender I can see on the Ring site is the 3m one for Solar and it doesn’t list the Ring Cam PRO Wired as being compatible.
This must be affecting other people because the cable are so short. What do other people do?