How do I connect my wife’s cell phone to ring fir the same door bell

I am having a problem with connecting to the second phone in the home.

Are you looking to add a shared user, @Dbrunder ? If so, take a look at thishelp article. To add a shared user, go to the device you would like to share and click on the ‘Shared User’ tile. You’ll be able to ‘ADD User’ and simply type in their email and send invite :slight_smile:

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Good luck figuring this out. Tried Shared User. Requires scanning code. How is someone else supposed to scan the code on your doorbell? We tried setting up husband’s phone, but won’t allow because “owner” restricted. So lost on setting this up…

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Just Download App. And Login

Thats All My Wife And I Done And It Works Alerts Both Of Us

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Exactly - download the app and sogn in - I have two phones an ipad and a laptop all connected and working