How do I attach a Ceiling Mount to the back of a Stick Up Camera Battery

We just purchased a 3-Pack of Ring Stick Up Camera Battery which came with ceiling mounts. There are no instructions in the box explaining how to attach the ceiling mounts to the back of the cameras. I went on line and looked at Ring’s videos showing how to mount a camera with the ceiling mount already attached to the back of a camera - just nothing showing how to attach the mount to the camera. I’ve attached a photo showing the ceiling mount and the back of the camera. Here is the link to the Ring Video that I watched - the camera in the video looks different than mine so it must be an older model

I’m sure that there is a simple solution to this that I’m overlooking. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hey @JLA956. As shown in this YouTube video here, you can remove the base on the bottom and put it on the back of the device if you would like, which would be similar to how you use it with the ceiling mount! Instead of screwing the base into the back of the Stick Up Cam (pop out the protector cover on the back, the one at the bottom not the top one), you will then screw in the ceiling mount. We do not have a YouTube video with this specific accessory at this time, so I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks! Worked great.

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