How do I answer the doorbell remotely

I have just installed a second generation doorbell, and downloaded Ring app on a Android phone.
I assume everything is working ok as I get an alert when there is movement Infront of the bell or when someone presses it.
What I don’t know is how to answer the bell when I’m not in. It seems ridiculously basic but I can’t find anything in the manual that tells me how to use it.
When I get the bell alert, I can swipe down and after a few seconds I see a small video of what the bell camera sees and below it are three icons a red phone, a microphone crossed through, a speaker crossed through. So how do I have a conversation with the caller?

Hi @Ariel458. Have you tried pressing any of the icons on the bottom of the screen while in Live View? By tapping the microphone, you’ll notice this allows you to speak to the visitor. Tapping it again will mute the microphone. I hope this helps.