How do I adjust the video length in Live View

When I get a motion alert and open the video, the video recording stops too soon. So if I immediately open a new Live View, I still get the same behavior. In the app I have recordings set to 30 seconds, but what I’m experiencing is the video cutting off after maybe 10 seconds.

This is a little bit of a problem, this morning I had a person trying to get into my home (when no one was there). I contacted the police, and they responded in under 10 minutes, but I was not able to keep a good view of the person while they were en route.

I like the ability to cut off normal recordings at 30 seconds, but in a situation like this, I would like the ability to sort of keep an open ended live view going. Or at least minutes at a time instead of seconds…

Hi @sharper3. To clarify, is the Live View timing out after 10 seconds, and are you receiving any type of error message when the Live View ends? Or do you go back to view a previous Live View with your Ring Protect plan, and it doesn’t allow you to view it? Feel free to attach any screenshots that demonstrate what you’re seeing on your end, as this will give me a better idea of what’s going on.

No error message, it just starts spinning saying “processing video” (or whatever that message is), and then I have to manually start a Live View again. So I end up with about 10 or more short Live Views on the protect plan, and I can see them all. But it is annoying to have to keep getting interrupted when I’m trying to keep an eye on something I think is pretty critical.

@sharper3 Thanks for that information! In that case it seems like the problem may lie in the connection somewhere, since the Live View isn’t fully connecting or is getting interrupted. Have you tried the Live View on a different smart phone or tablet, as well as on both wifi and on cellular data? This can help narrow down what the problem may be. You can also find more general troubleshooting tips for Live View in our Community Post on the topic here.