How could my doorbell NOT detect this?

A man literally walks up, knocks on my door twice and stands there for at least 3 minutes. Motion detection doesn’t go off. This video is from my $25 Wyze cam.

I verified all settings for the doorbell in the app before coming here. I am in Away mode and motion detection is on. I am also subscribed to the 24/7 recording service. The entry level tier.

So I’m looking for tips on what the issue might be. Is there something I can do to address it?

Hi @Redmanjbj. First we’ll need to verify that the Doorbell is online and has a good RSSI. This can be found by tapping the Device Health tile when the Doorbell is selected. Another setting to check would be Motion Frequency. If set to Standard or Light, your Doorbell may have been a sleep state during this specific event. More information on Motion Frequency can be found here. After that, test a motion in front of your Doorbell to verify it’s working correctly.