How can I turn off motion detection sound on ring stick up cam?

Hello all,

I am new to the community so please bear with me.

I am having trouble getting the new stick up cam I bought to not make any sound when motion is recorded. Motion alerts are turned off but yet it still makes a sound.

When the alarm is set to Home & Armed, the motion alerts are turned off but I still hear sound.

When the alarm is set to Disarmed, the motion alerts are turned off and I don’t hear a sound.

The other 2 cams that I have (not a stick up cam) work like this where they record motion but don’t make any sound no matter what mode my alarm is set in.

I am curious if anyone else is having this same issue and managed to resolve it. Basically the goal is to have the stick up cam record motion but not make any sound when it does.

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Hi @Vell. When you are stating that the Camera is making sound, are you talking about the alert to your phone, or sound coming from the device itself?


I am referring to the device itself.

@Vell Hmm, that is a bit odd, as the device itself should not be making a sound when motion is being recorded. Sound will only come from the device when the siren (if it has one) is activated, or when you are talking through it through the 2-way talk. Could you please record what this sound is, so we can reference it here? You can take a video and then attach it as a ZIP file (MP4 not supported, but to create a ZIP file, you will compress the MP4) in your reply here! :slight_smile:

After reading your last response the cause of my issue jumped out at me.

The issue wasn’t the camera, it was a second device that has my account logged into it. When I added this cam, I only turned off motion alerts on my phone and not the second device.

The second device was near the camera so I mistook the sound from the device as the sound coming from the camera. Once I turned off motion alerts on the second device things are behaving as I would expect.


@Vell Awesome! Nice job, neighbor. Glad I was able to help steer you in the right direction, but you did all the work. :wink:

Let me know if you ever need anything else, and feel free to poke around on other threads. Seems like you know your stuff, so your insight may help other neighbors! :smiley_cat:

Thank you!!! I have been going through the app settings and online information trying to find how to turn the chimes motion notification off on my new Ring StickUp camera, and couldn’t find anything about it. Until your note, I didn’t realize that the chimes that I was hearing came from the phone on my belt or in my pocket, and they were not direction-specific enough to tell that they weren’t coming from the camera itself.

Now if they can find a more professional way to turn off the blue recording LED rather than a piece of electrical tape…



Thank you so much! Today I was going crazy with the chimes. I even called support. Thanks to your message I worked out that they were coming from my iPad not the camera itself. It hadn’t occurred to me that my iPad had also downloaded the app automatically.