How can I tell whether or not a doorbell 2 is currently charging its battery?

I’ve checked my wiring on my Doorbell 2, and I have good voltage to the terminals on the back of the unit. Unfortunately, batteries discharge continuously over the week, and I have to recharge the battery manually, including the two batteries that I just purchased.

Is there any indicator in the app, the battery, or the doorbell that indicates whether or not the voltage is making it to the battery itself? I.e. - is it actively charging?

Hi @user27330. Hardwiring a battery powered doorbell, such as the Ring Doorbell 2, provides a trickle charge to help extend the amount of time between manual charges. This rate of charge is not as fast as when you manually charge the battery by plugging it into a standard power outlet. This means it’s possible for the battery to drain quicker than it can be charged via the hardwiring.

We have more information on charging your battery powered doorbell with hardwiring here. Make sure you have a compatible transformer outputting enough power, and review your Event History to see if your doorbell is recording a large number of events each day. We have some additional troubleshooting steps here as well.