How can I tell where a linked event is linked from?

I have a Ring camera that is showing “Linked Events”, but I think I have gone through all my devices to see if it is linked and I cannot find it. Is there a way to look at that linked event and see what device triggered that event?

Hey @tcaleb46. Linked events will show up one of two ways in your Event History as shown below:


This is an example I pulled from my log of my Indoor Cam and it shows the two different kind of ways the linked events show up, whether it was recorded from a linked event from the Ring Alarm (if you have this) as well as from Motion on another device. If you go into your Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Go one device at a time > Linked Devices, it will show you what devices the device you clicked on is linked to.

For example, my Living Room Indoor Cam is linked to my Kitchen Stick Up Cam, so when I go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Kitchen (Stick Up Cam) > Linked Devices > It has the button for motion turned on and selected for my Indoor Cam so if my Kitchen Cam detects motion, it records an event on the Indoor Cam. Then, in the Event History for my Indoor Cam, it showed up as a Linked Event for Motion. It doesn’t specify what device it is linked to, so I would then need to go into the Event History for my Kitchen Cam and see an event at the same time and know it was from that, or knowing of my settings, I would know it this way too.

Hope this helps clear this up for you! You can learn more about Linked Devices in our Help Center Article here.

Chelsea, did you read my entire message? I said that I thought I had gone through all the devices and could not find the link. I know how to look through them and link them. I am looking to see if there is a backwards flow, looking at the linked event and then seeing what triggered the linked event.

I found it.

@tcaleb46 My apologises that I wasn’t very clear in my reply, sorry about that! I was just explaining more in depth how it worked, as there is not a way to work backwards as you have described. You will need to verify through the Linked Devices tab on each device profile to see how they are linked, and then check the event history of other devices to see if there was an event at the same time stamp, or one that may have been a minute next to it.

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