How can I tell if someone has deleted my event history?

I think someone has deleted the event history for my ring doorbell camera. Does anyone know how I can tell if that is the case?

Hi @Angie75! In most cases, this should not be possible. Your Ring account is secured with normal and additional verification features that ensures only you and anyone you invite has access. If you have had Shared Users to your Ring devices, they will not have the ability to delete your videos. Check out our help center article about Share Users to see what they can, and cannot, do.

There is another feature in your Ring app called the Control Center. The Control Center can be accessed from your Ring app dashboard by opening the Menu and selecting Control Center. There you will have the option to view and even remove Authorized Client Device. This is useful if you have ever had friends or family log in to your Ring account using your own credentials, or if you’ve had multiple mobile devices logged in to your Ring account. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

You didn’t answer her question. I’ll ask, say someone got my phone and deleted a ring video. Could I tell that had happened.
Yes or No