how can I tell if my solar is working or not?

I’ve seen lots of post about lack of Solar panel feedback… I have to charge my battery with USB every other week. I’ve NEVER seen the battery go UP in charge while plugged in, sunny days, hazy days, cloudy days - NO difference!


are these panels defective? or ???

NO response?

Hey @Toadster! An increase in battery percentage or the reading in device health will indicate a charge being received. Keep in mind the results will depend on hours of sunlight received, usage, and other factors. Check out our Community post about battery draining for tips and tricks on optimizing battery charge. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have yet to see the power go up - ever…

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@Toadster wrote:

I have yet to see the power go up - ever…

If you talking about cameras connected to solar panels then please readt this post if you have not done so already, as it seems nothing works as expected with RING lately: