How can I tell if my cam is connected to an app

My spouse has the primary app for our ring cameras and shares them with me on my login. Recently the cameras all disappeared from my app and he’s telling me he’s having issues too. Problem is he’s out of town and I don’t trust him. How can I tell if the Ring cams are still recording/he’s viewing them? The infrared lights come on when I’m outside at night, and they are all still using the wifi according to my Wi-Fi app.

Hi @user79371. Ring devices can have one Owner, which is the person who set the devices up under the Ring account. They can then add others as Shared Users, allowing them to view the devices. You may have swapped to the wrong location in the Ring app.

This can be changed by tapping the location name in the top center of the Ring app, and selecting the shared location from the drop-down. If you don’t see a shared location, your spouse may need to check that your access is enabled under Settings > Users & Pets.