How can I see a list of software/firmware updates

Hi Ring Community,

Can anyone tell me where I can find a list of updates about software/firmware updates that happen to our devices? Is there are page on the Ring site that lists them?

I have no idea if my device has recently updated but this morning the Doorbell 4 is constantly sending me motion alerts even when no one is at the door. I have turned the sensitivity right down and they seem to have stopped for now, but it just started today… has been working perfectly until now and nothing about the location where it is set up has changed.

I tried to use the Chat Support and boy was that person hostile… basically just wanted me to call the US support line, I am in Australia, to find out that information.

When I pressed them for just a link to the information about the updates that happen I was told “that information is for us only, not for you”.

Incidentally, when they decide to end the chat, which they did abruptly, the chat screen clears and returns to the default “how can we help you screen” so I couldn’t even get screenshots to show how rude the person was being… it was like when the scammers call you and when you let them know you’re on to them they get aggressive. :man_facepalming:

So if anyone has a link or knows where in the Ring app I can find out when the last updates occurred that would be great. I just want to see if maybe an update has happened that caused the device to start acting very differently today, or maybe our verandah is now just haunted. :ghost:

Hi @Tyroga. There is no list of app or firmware updates. Whenever a new feature is available in the Ring app after an update, you can find details about it under the What’s New section of the Ring app.

Adjusting the Motion Sensitivity was a good step to take to reduce unwanted motion alerts. You can also perform a reboot from the Device Health page in the Ring app as a troubleshooting step. A reboot only takes a few moments, and can help with performance issues on your Doorbell.