How can I reset Ring system remotely

It is unbelievable that I cannot reset my security system remotely. I check and wifi is working and wireless ring system is not. Often it works fine when I am away, but it seems the rare occurrence is becoming more common. I bought this system solely to monitor and protect while I am away. In other words I would not have purchased the system, so of course I am concerned when I am out of town, now for another week. First 2-3 days were fine than no wifi connection. If this has been resolved please communicate, if not why not? I just want it to work while I am away. If it does disconnect I want to get it back online when I am not at home.

Hi @userfried. If your Cameras are offline and have not automatically reconnected, it is most likely due to some sort of issue with your home router. You can reach out to your ISP to see if they are able to check your router and remotely reboot it. If that does not have your Cameras come back online, you will have to be at the location of the Cameras in order to troubleshoot and get them back online.