How can i reduce the Ring doorbell drain on my iPhone battery?

My Ring Doorbell is quickly draining my iphone battery. Is there any way to reduce this drain e.g., can I turn-off the doorbell whenever I don’t need it (e.g., at night when house is locked and alarmed)?

I have tried turning off Alerts, motion detection and motion notification but it made no difference.

I want any easy fix that does not involve loosing all of the setup settings and initial account details.

Hi there, @Andrew2! The Ring app, in an idol state, should not be enough to impact your mobile device battery alone. Limiting the times when you receive alerts, or how alerts are received, was a great step as this certainly can prevent your phone from processing and illuminating the screen, if you are detecting a lot of motion. Fine tuning your motion detection settings is also a great step. Otherwise, the most battery your Ring app would use at one time will be during a live streaming of an event. Lengthy or frequent live views can drain Doorbell battery, and would likely have an effect on your mobile device battery depending on usage. I recommend trying out power save mode on your mobile device and checking for any other apps that might be open in the background and draining battery. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Marley, many thanks for your reply.

I really like the Ring device and this very helpful community portal.

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Of course, @Andrew2! We’re glad you are enjoying the Community and Ring. :slight_smile:

Before I forget, you might also find interest in our Rapid Ring app. This is a less robust or lighter version of the Ring app, designed for quick access to live view and notifications. This may help you to optimize your mobile device usage.

This last method is particularly useful for social media apps, which, by nature, use a large amount of battery life. The Facebook app may use a lot of battery life, but you can bypass the need for that app altogether