How can I get motion sensor alerts to sound on the chime without phone alerts?

Hi, I would like my chime to make a notification sound when someone is at the door and triggers the motion sensor, but I don’t want to receive an alert on my phone. (I was getting too many alerts and I only want the alert for when someone actually rings the doorbell.)

I have it set up this way in the app but I find that the chime won’t make any sound even if the app shows a person was detected. Unless I turn on alerts which I don’t want.

Right now under Smart Alerts/Person I have it set to Record but don’t send alerts
And under Chimes/Audio settings/Alerts it says This chime should sound an alert when… and I have both Ring and Motion Detected selected

This seems like a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?

Hi @envoy. To clarify, do you have Motion Alerts toggled off or on under the device profile page? What are your Smart Alerts settings for Other Motion? Feel free to share screenshots of these settings. I’ll be happy to check with my team on the intended behavior here after confirming the settings.

Hi, I have motion alerts OFF on the doorbell but ON on the chime which results in the chime not sounding for motion detection. These seem to be at odds with each other, because if I turn doorbell person alerts on I get a notification on the app AND the chime rings in the house.

It will only let me upload one screenshot at a time…

@envoy Thanks for sharing those screenshots. The Motion Alerts toggle on the device profile page will control notifications to your phone, but won’t impact what the Chime does. Disabling the motion alerts under Smart Alerts will stop notifications entirely, including to your phone or to your Ring Chime. In this case, turning the alerts under Smart Alerts on, while leaving the Motion Alerts toggle on the main device page off, should accomplish what you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

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