How can I force my ring doorbell 4 to use 5GHz without having two SSIDs?

I need to force my second ring doorbell to use 5GHz.* I studied the hits at Search results for '5ghz' - Ring Community and the only idea I saw to force things was by destroying my existing router setup, and having two different SSIDs. Needless to say it would be a headache since I have other things using the network and I would not only need to reprogram but they would no longer be able to dynamically switch.

Idea #1: What about re-installing the 2nd ring, while my my phone is forced to to use 5GHz wifi, so when it gets the SSID it would know it is supposed to use 5GHz?

Idea #2: Go to router, disable 2.4 GHz. Re-setup 2nd ring. Since 2.4 is gone it will be forced to use 5 GHz?

Will either idea work? Does anyone know?

*The problem started when we got a second ring. If there is motion (and we need to activate both cameras at once), the 2.4 GHz spectrum gets saturated, and neither ring doorbell works well. It seems the problem is that the ring video doorbell 4 cannot intelligently know when a spectrum is filled up, so it fails to switch to 5GHz. During setup, obviously the 2.4 GHz spectrum seems fine, so perhaps it selects it then and sticks to it.

Devices try to select the connection (2.4 vs 5) based on the strength of the connection, not whether your router can handle the traffic. Most of the time you just want your devices to handle this “decision” on which to use as they typically can see which is best to use in any particular setup. It just maybe that your devices don’t have good 5 connections where they are setup in relation to your router.
However, based on what you are trying to do, if you want to force 5 connections, then yes you’d have to make a separate SSID just for 5 or turn off 2.4 at the router.

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