How can I disable Motion Sensor when System is disarmed?

I just installed my Ring Alarm, so far so good. I noticed that while the system DISARMED, the motion sensor in the living room constantly triggers notifications on my phone app. There is a toggle switch to disable the sensor for both armed (Home & Away) modes, but how do I prevent the sensor from triggering when the system is not even armed. It’s just teaching me to ignore my phone and having it on mute.

In the app, go to your devices and select the motion sensor. Then make sure the “motion alerts” toggle is switched off. This will not affect how the sensor is used with the alarm, it just affects alerts. You would maybe use this motion alert feature for elderly care or kids maybe.


Perfect, Thanks. I did that for the motion sensor as well as the indoor cameras, no more annoying notifications! ?

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Is there a way to turn off notifications only when disarmed or “at home”? I want notifications to be enabled when “away”…

You have to go to the settings for each individual camera and each individual device that detects motion and toggle the motion alerts button off

but wouldnt that disable notifications even when “Armed”?

I am not sure, but since I have a dog I didn’t want to risk ANY false alarms from those. Try it out and see what happens.

Guys I want to be able to recevie alerts from the sensors and indoor camera when in “armed” mode but not receive alerts when in “home” or “disarmed” mode.

Did you find a solution to this?


Exactly my issue and not seeing a solution for this


looks like it is not supported - yet -

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This is so weird. It’s the only notification I expected.

Yeah the motion sensors dont shut off in disarmed or home mode, they should or your phone keeps going off but no calls to emergency contacts.
Its to cumbersome to go to each device and turn it off ,ridiculous

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I would love to see a Caregiver Monitoring mode programed to specific motion or lack of motion, certain device enabled, etc. Or simply allow creation of Custom Modes.

I don’t understand why in DISARMED mode why it keeps on detecting motion. I do have alerts disabled for this, but if you look at the event history, they are still being recorded. There should be an option to disable the motion sensor or at least the recording of the event.


Same here! It also makes the noise on the base. I want that muted as well. Quite bothersome every time I move to have to hear the base going off.

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Can ring turn off motion sensor in “disarmed” mode ?
Or give user the access to turn it on/off in app.