How can I change the WiFi password without my Ring’s QR cide? I’ve lost the packaging and the device is fixed to the wall

I’ve had to change my WiFi password, but now I can’t connect my Ring Doorbell because it keeps asking for my QR Code - but I don’t have that. I can’t see it on the device anywhere. It’s very annoying, as my Ring Cameras work, it’s just the doorbell that requires this extra information. Why wasn’t I told this was a vital piece of information to keep? And why is it so difficult to do such a simple thing as changing a WiFi password?? Very poor show, Amazon.

Sorry - typo - QR Code! (Or 5 digit PIN number)

If you lost the QR code for your device, you can always take apart the device and there’s always a QR code inside. For my wireless spotlight cams, they’re in the battery compartment for my battery doorbell It’s on the back. For my wired floodlight It’s on the bag where all the wiring is. As you can see, every spot is different, but take a look, and you might be able to find it

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