How can I change brighness/exposure?

Is there a way to change the brightness or exposure setting on my video doorbell (2nd gen, 2020 model)? It is placed under a covered porch and seems to be exposed for the background daylight, and everything under the porch is way too dark and I am cannot make out details of faces, etc. I thought the camera had HDR and was supposed to deal well with these contrast differences…

Hey @ricardo_f. There is not a way to change the video settings such as the brightness and contrast on the Doorbell, but I can help with any possible replacements you may need to do to help this! Could you show me what the Live View looks like for your Doorbell?

Thank you. Here is the link to a video that shows the problem with the brightness:

Is this a faulty camera or is the exposure always set like this?

@ricardo_f To be quite honest, while it’s not perfect, neighbors with a more enclosed porch has had a worse look from the exposure outside. Since your porch is also fairly enclosed and dark, this is the way the camera will interact with the space and the quality is indeed how it should be. What you can try to do is install a Corner Kit and angle it slightly to the left to see if this helps, as it will point away from the wall that is directly next to it. Feel free to use the one included with the box if you still have it! If not, do you have any additional lighting you can add to the front? This would help with the exposure from the brightness in the background. Let me know! :slight_smile:

That’s very disappointing, especially since another video doorbell model I tried does a much better job of balancing the bright and dark areas. Is the Ring camera not HDR-enabled? It seems like this problem could be easily fixed by giving us the ability to change the brightness setting.

I’m not sure how well a corner kit would work since that would also change the line of sight for motion detection. In any case, I’m not able to try it because it was not included.

@ricardo_f Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I wanted to check in with the appropriate teams to confirm if the Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Generation would be getting the HDR feature, similar to how our Ring Video Doorbell 2 and 3/3+ have. I agree that this would be the fix you need, but they informed me that the device is unable to have this feature to it and it will not have the HDR feature available in the future. I apologize greatly for this, but wanted to let you know this.

Thank you for looking into it, but that information would have been useful before I went through the trouble of physically installing this model! Why is this difference in features not listed anywhere on the Ring website or Amazon? I feel that this is purposely misleading and I will be returning this product.

@ricardo_fI apologize that the Amazon product page was not clear on this. I will make sure to pass on this information to the appropriate teams. Please note that the Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Generation is not listed in the list of devices that have the HDR feature. You can learn more about this in our Help Center Article here. I’ll make sure we find a way to make this more clear for neighbors in the future, and my apologises again!