How can I adjust siren volume on base unit?

I’d like to be able to adjust the volume of the siren. It is very loud at the current setting and will disturb my neighbors especially when the motion sensor triggers false alarm. If this feature is not currently available, I’d like to put this request in new feature releaes list.


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Great question @bellevue ! The Alarm Siren on both the Base Station and Keypad are intended to sound at max volume in order to notify yourself or anyone nearby of an emergency, as well as potentially deter a criminal. As adjusting the volume on your device is not currently available, feel free to add it to the feature request post so we can pass your feedback along to the team. Thanks :slight_smile:

Why would you want to adjust the volume? If you don’t want it to be heard, then what is the purpose? Alarms are meant to be heard. That’s why it’s called an “ALARM !!!”

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I’d like a low sound. A thief will then know someone is notified.