How can I adjust siren volume on base unit?

I’d like to be able to adjust the volume of the siren. It is very loud at the current setting and will disturb my neighbors especially when the motion sensor triggers false alarm. If this feature is not currently available, I’d like to put this request in new feature releaes list.



Great question @bellevue ! The Alarm Siren on both the Base Station and Keypad are intended to sound at max volume in order to notify yourself or anyone nearby of an emergency, as well as potentially deter a criminal. As adjusting the volume for the siren on your Base Station or Keypad is not currently available, feel free to add your feedback to the feature request post so we can pass your feedback along to the team. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Why would you want to adjust the volume? If you don’t want it to be heard, then what is the purpose? Alarms are meant to be heard. That’s why it’s called an “ALARM !!!”

How to make the perfect device… Don’t try.
Everyone has different wants and needs. What makes sense to one, won’t to another. If you give options on every little detail, then it would be to complicated. So, there’s no way to win.

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I’d like a low sound. A thief will then know someone is notified.

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Wait…the %$&# keypad will siren too??? :dizzy_face:

I live in a townhouse with neighbors. I want the alarm to sound at half volume or less. I get push notifications on my phone if there is an intruder in my home which I and the authorities can deal with without a blasting siren upsetting my neighbors. If the volume cannot be lowered I will need to return this. I think it should be an option to lower the siren and have a push message on my phone instead. The alarm would still be loud enough for an intruder to know they’ve been detected without my neighbors filing complaints with the townhouse board of directors. This is a very quiet community and my neighbor is elderly and the siren is way beyond the volume level that is legal in my town. I want my phone to do the alerting, not a blaring siren.


Yes. I just purchased this and live in an apartment. The siren is WAY too loud. WAY. Plus, I have a high-functioning autistic daughter who might get so stressed that she can’t disarm it and be literally traumatized. So will my pets. My walls are pretty thin, also, so a quieter volume would definitely suffice. Especially with the keypad going alarming simultaneously. In a small apartment, there is no way we wouldn’t hear it if it was quieter. Since this is a DIY system, why on earth is this NOT an option?? We’re not idiots (unless apparently we choose to be). I might have to return this, which is a shame since recently I had someone try and get in my door with a key (yes, on purpose). This is a real bummer.

I agree. Ring alarm is a bad product for apartment dwellers even though the marketing indicates otherwise. My alarm triggered late at night while I was out due to a false alarm—- 5 neighbors were shocked out of bed. A number of them were ready to vacate the building thinking it was the buildings fire alarm. One neighbor is in her 90s and has mobility issues. It put her in panic mode and now I have to leave it in home mode by order of the buildings board of directors. There has to be a feature allowing the alarm’s volume to be turned off or controlled/adjusted to a level that can be heard only in the apt and not by my neighbors. Please fix this asap otherwise this system is basically useless.for people in multiple dwelling buildings.

I live in Spain and the volume of the siren is ilegal… Is thedevelopers team considering to add a feature to adjust it as the owner wants?

Hi neighbors. At this tine, the volume of the siren on the Ring Alarm Base Station cannot be adjusted. The volume slider under the Audio Settings tile will control the volume of alerts that are played, but the siren will play at full volume. You’re welcome to add your feedback to this request on the Feature Request board to be able to adjust the volume. Thank you for your continued feedback. :slight_smile:

We don’t use the alarm because of how insanely loud the siren is when you enter the house. Why on earth would Ring not allow that to be lowered? Maybe increasing volume after 30 seconds to allow for someone to enter and disarm. I’m going to have to cancel professional monitoring because of the sound.

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