How can I access logs to show when my alarms were disabled?

Hi All,

I could not find the answer looking through the forum. I was wondering how I can access logs to show when and if my devices have been disabled and by who?

I recently found a day missing and I suspect the device had been disabled was the cause but I need to know who.

Thanks in advance.

Good question, @Mutter! When you have a Ring Alarm system and are subscribed to a Protect Plus plan, you will have access to an Alarm history in your Ring app. While logged in to the Ring app, open the Menu, select Event History, and then tap the Alarm tab. Here you can see Alarm events such as motion, sensors, modes changes, and more! The calendar icon in the top right of the screen will allow you to filter by date. Please note, this history is only saved for a default time frame of 60 days for US neighbors (30 for EU). I hope this helps! :slight_smile: