How best to replace base station

I have received a replacement base station from ring. The ring representative told me on the phone that I did not have to remove all my sensors and that she would email me instructions on how to replace the base station. The email contained many links on how to install a brand new system, how to add various new sensors, how to change my password, …, but nothing about replacing an existing base station. Any advice on best to proceed? Lacking advice to the contrary, I’m guess…

  1. Use the ring app to remove all my existing sensors.
  2. Use the ring app to deregister the base station
  3. Remove all the batteries from my existing sensors.
  4. Follow the instructions for installing a brand new system.


I had to do it a couple years ago. From what I recall, Ring backed up and transferred all the z-wave devices. Have you checked out this video?

That part was pretty easy, but getting my First Alert smoke and carbon monoxide detector was nightmare, until I found a posting about it. Let me see if I can find it and post a link for you.

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Steps to recoonect First Alert:

No, I had not found this video. It makes the process sound pretty easy, definitely easier than what I was planning. Thank you.