How are Ring cameras being hacked?

So I’ve seen a number of Ring camera’s being hacked on the news lately. I’m assuming someone has leaked the default password to access these devices. I’ve just purchased a doorbell 2 and I want to know what is the best procedure to lock it down. Does anyone have that information?


Use a strong and unique password for your Ring account, and enable two-factor-authentication using your cell phone text mesaging to receive a security code.

Yes I understand that, and I’ve done that, but that secures my account, not my device. The device must have a default password, that’s what I’m wondering about.

There is no default passwords. The devices are tied to your account when you set it up. There are posts on here having issues when they buy 2nd hand devices. They devices are locked to the account and have to be released from the owner. So, no one can just get control unless you use an already stolen email and password combo or just a weak password. But in you add 2 factor authentication, it’s impossible unless they have your phone to access any device. Even posting here I get a code text to me before I can post anything.

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Ok I understand now, thank you hey much for the answer, I’m new to these devices so I wanted to be sure I have it locked down as much as possible.

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No problem. You need to treat everything as a possible threat. If you take care of your security, you’ll have no problems. The default device that many don’t change is routers. They leave it set to admin with a default password. This is one of the worst things to do since your entire router is open to being hacked. But even if you did let it happen, with a good password and 2 factor authentication. No one would get in to your devices. If you Google internet safety and security, you’ll find tons of things you can do to protect yourself. Sadly, many people don’t know better and continue to get hacked. Do you know that many use passwords so easy it’s insane? My friend had password on all his accounts once and laughed about it until his credit account was hacked. Glad I could help. Glad to see your taking security seriously too. Have a great weekend!

So I noticed some strange live view events on my cameras so I called and Ring Support told me that I had indeed been hacked. They wouldn’t give me any details and told me that they would escalate and call me back in 3 days. That was about 3 weeks ago. And I had two factor authentication set up. One of my ring cameras was refurbished. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. All good, they will all be up for sale soon, I’m moving to a different system.

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