House chime is not as simple as the installation guide shows

The above is my home’s chime box. Where do I hook up the two wires for the Pro Power Kit v3? I tried calling tech support but omfg what a nightmare. They don’t listen, are not helpful, and now I’m regretting that I even purchased this stuff. I need a simple answer, please. Trans and Front, yes, I know that, but which of the 9 screws? The 3rd and 4th from the left? Thanks. Sorry for frustration but Ring phone support is total crap.

UPDATE 2/19/24 found the brand and model of chime: Broan C305RW and it’s completely incompatible. It’s on the list. Wonderful. So stupid and makes zero sense. Can’t it be altered to work? Why buy a Ring pro power kit if certain chimes can’t work?

Hi @allaboardgamer. Is this a mechanical or digital chime kit? I don’t see a make or model listed in the photo. We have a list of compatible and incompatible chime kits here. It would be a good idea to verify if the chime kit you have is compatible with the Video Doorbell Pro 2.

It’s difficult to tell from the photo, but it looks like there are only wires connected to two of the screw terminals, the 3rd and 4th from the left. I would guess those are the doorbell circuit wires, which connect to the transformer and the front door. If that’s the case, those are the terminals you would need to connect the Pro Power Kit to.

So the chime is a Broan and on the incompatible list, which is dumb. Does that mean the Ring Doorbell Pro 2 won’t work at all in our home? Do I have to return it? Or will it still ring on the app? Please advise because I’m kinda done with Ring already. Why would this chime be incompatible when there’s still front and trans wires plus the proper power requirements?

Hi @allaboardgamer. I am happy to chime in. The Doorbell Pro 2 will not work with your chime, if you wire it in with this type of chime, it can cause it to continuously chime. You could use a Ring Plug-In Adapter to power on your Doorbell rather than replacing your chime with a compatible chime.

But how would that work on a doorbell mounted outside on the door frame? There’s no external plug, but I wouldn’t want it plugged in outside anyway as someone could just unplug it. What solution would this really provide? Can’t I just plug the Doorbell Pro 2 into the existing doorbell wires for power but not install the Pro Power Kit v3? Will it still work in the app when pressed? I asked this in my last post but no one has answered.

I don’t know, I think the most sensible thing to do is buy a new chime for the house than go this route. It makes no sense to buy an AD adapter for an outdoor doorbell. I can’t plug it in on the inside of the house with this adapter. There’s not even an outlet nearby.

@allaboardgamer. I have seen some neighbors plug the Adapter inside and find a way to run the wire to the outside, where the Doorbell is. If you are not able to accomplish this, then the Adapter is not for you. If you could figure out how to bypass the chime so it is not in circuit with the Doorbell then yes, you could use the wires to just power the Doorbell. If not, then, like you said, just swapping out the chime for a compatible one will be your best option.