Horrific customer service

Anyone having horrific problems with video streaming, blank recordings, super late notifications?? 1st thing I did is verify my internet. Running on a T1 connection with blazing fast speeds.
Has anyone actually been able to contact ring?
Completely disgusted with their lack of support.
Hope y’all are staying safe.

Sorry to hear about this @Timm, we’re here to help! Great work checking wifi connection first. Let’s also check on the mobile device connection. Please complete the following:

  • Remove and reinstall the app on your mobile device.
  • Disable bluetooth and VPN, and close other apps in background.
  • Test live view connection on wifi only, and on data only, on your. mobile device.

This should help optimize mobile device and Ring app connection, however recordings should play as normal if they are being recorded efficiently. I recommend trying the Rapid Ring app if these concerns persist, to see if this improves your experience. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the timely reply.
I did exactly as you suggested.
Deleted and reinstalled the app.
Tested it on WiFi
Tested it in data.

One camera worked better the other same problems. Recorded video loads faster. Still getting black screen recordings on my side camera and excessive “activating device” times. 4 minutes to bring up the side cam. My other cams go to live view in seconds.
All my cams are hard wired. Mesh networked home so the WiFi is the same no matter where you are.
The ring is not connected through a VPN.

Maybe it’s a bad spotlight cam?

Thanks again for your help I appreciate it.