Horrible view from lense…

I’ve owned my floodlight for over 2 years and the beginning of January I noticed the view was getting really blurry. It’s up high on my garage so I wasn’t able to clean it right away, assuming it was just some dirt or pollen causing the distorted view. Finally cleaned it with lens cleaner and microfiber towel and it actually got worse. I’m truly disappointed! Not sure what else to do….I’m sure Ring isn’t replacing due to the warranty expiring.

My Wi-Fi is definitely not the issue.

Hi @user55555. I was able to find this Community post where other neighbors had a similar concern. There is a solution in the post with what you can do and what to do if those steps do not work.

That is not a solution, Justin.

Something this expensive should not be degrading as a result of exposure to the elements - which that ‘Community post’ is trying to work around.

Because there will come a point where the ‘workaround’ won’t work anymore, even if it works at all.

I can stop a water leak in a pipe using duct tape. But it won’t last. Neither will this.

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