Horrible setup

Setup floodlight camera number 5. Of course on a ladder 20 feet off the ground. After multiple resets it continues to tell me my internet password is incorrect after already setting up four units. Gave up and as this camera is on a switch I turned the switch off over night. Now the light will not turn off and no matter how long you hold the button it will not reset.

Hi @filbie70 to confirm, this is on the Floodlight Camera? Have you contacted support?

This is the floodlight camera. I thought this was the way to contact support. This is where the app leads you when you have an issue. Let me know if there is another way to get help. This light will not turn off after a week and it will not do a hard reset.

Customer service in the US.
1 800-656-1918 24/7

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Yea, good luck with that.

I’m going to try to call during the week and see if its any better. Over the weekend the first person I reached could barely speak English and I literally could not communicate with her and had to hang up. Second person was a bit better on English, but still a little frustrating with his accent/language barrier and he couldn’t answer any of my questions directly…I could literally hear him typing, searching for the answers and had to put me on hold more than once to ask someone else.

I can web search, search the Ring info available and play with the app…I’m calling customer service to shortcut all that time. I should not have to spend hours and try to understand foreign customer service farms in order to get a few…what should be simple answers to questions. Just tell us you are only available during normal business hours and have native language as a FIRST language customer support available in the countries the calls are coming from…“saying” they are available 24/7 doesn’t mean you actually get good customer service 24/7.