Horrible glare at night! Can’t see much

I have the doorbell 4 and installed it today. It has a horrible glare and I can’t see much. I included a picture. To the right is my driveway and garage and you can’t even see it. How do I get rid of the glare

Hi, i had same problem that only happens at night time due to the IR sensors reflecting off a surface next to the bell or bell installed behind a window.
I installed my bell on my doorframe as normal but as the doorframe is set back/recessed and not flush with the exterior surrounding wall there was brickwork right next to the bell on the right hand side of the frame resulting in the IR reflecting off the surface next to your bell.
Only two options i had was to buy the angle wedges to point bell away from surface that is reflecting the IR, but then you have the problem of your bell not covering the detection area you want, or remount the bell on a totally flat surface and not next to anything reflecting the IR.
I had to reinstall bell on flat surface next to door frame as angle wedges gave the wrong area to cover.

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Put some sort of blocker to block the light in the upper left and right side. You could just experiment with a piece of cardboard or something just to see if the concept works before committing to something more permanent.

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Hi @e076f97ae71f44f4eb770adcab77c4. Is this Doorbell installed behind a storm door/glass door? If so, the infrared lights are reflecting off of it, causing the glare. Both of the suggestions above should help with this!