Horrible Extended Warranty/ Don't Bother Trying to Reconnect a Device

My ring doorbell recently stopped working and said it was disconnected. My husband tried several times to reconnect the camera but it wouldn’t work. He finally completely removed it to just re-add it back to the system. The app never said to not to try doing this and it was very easy except the door bell still wouldn’t reconnect. After calling customer service because the camera was under the extended warranty we were told because we tried to remove and reconnect the device it was no longer covered. Even support could see that the camera stopped working and said they had 2 pages of data showing us trying to reconnect the camera and if the camera would reconnect then it would be covered under warranty…how does that make sense!? They gave us a discount code to buy a new one and sent us on our way!!!
Two weeks prior to this I added these cameras to my business. Now I have to return them. I can’t advertise for a company with such horrible customer service. If I did that I’d be out of business. There’s too many other security companies that would want my business!

Sorry to hear about your experience! Their handling of that doesn’t make much sense…

Ring support has changed a lot over the years–not for the better since the Amazon takeover, unfortunately. A year or so ago, I had to call several times until I spoke with a CS representative who finally agreed to replace my video doorbell after some time on the phone. I’ve been paying for extended warranty for quite some time now . They changed the terms of it a few years ago, after saying that it would never change when I first started paying for it back around when they first started offering it.