Horrible Customer Service and Product

I have been a Ring Doorbell customer since 2017. I have paid for a video plan since I first purchased a video door bell. I have always paid so my video’s would be saved incase I needed to retrieve a video. Every year I get notified from Ring that they have new doorbells and I should upgrade. So 30 days ago we did just that we ordered a new doorbell and upgraded. There was no notification when I removed my old doorbell I would loose any videos since I pay for them to be saved. I thought it was weird when I removed the old doorbell that I kept getting notified that I needed to pay for a plan when I just paid for a plan in July. When I called tech support to transfer the plan I was told that they needed to deleted the current plan refund me my money and then I could sign up for a new plan on the new device. What the supervisor neglected to tell me is that when she removed the old plan I lost the videos. Why have I been paying for 6 years to keep my videos and now in the year 2023 with all the technology we have access to the videos could not be transferred to a new plan. I just don’t get customer service people anymore. What is wrong with this word?