Horrible and Expensive Experience

I have purchased (3) ring stickup cameras, (1) ring flood light camera, (1) ring alarm 10pc set, (1) ring doorbell 2 and also (1) ring doorbell pro. I have spent countless time on the phone with different representatives and also searching online for solutions because the representatives could not find a solution to my troubles. I had to pay $350 to get an electrician out to my place to attempt to fix / help install my doorbell because I was told by your representatives I needed a new transformer. I ended up fixing it on my own because he mistakingly blew out a fuse and could not fix the problem I was having with my ring equipment but demanded I still pay for the transformer replacement that was not necessary. The batteries on my (3)stickup cam devices have not been able to hold a charge so they do not properly operate. When they were working, they made very loud static noises when I viewed the footage. Everything sounds distorted and as if someone was wrinkling a candy wrapper into the microphones. The notifications are delayed when any motion is detected. I’ve adjusted all of my setting properly to make sure that it was not due to any less sensitive detection mode. I also bout a WiFi extender to see if it was my At&t Internet 1000 but that was not the problem. The quality of the cameras is pixelated and freezes when if it ever decides to work. There is a constant static and when trying to speak through the microphone, sounds like a choppy broken record. Complete dissatisfaction. The amount of time I’ve spent attempting to make these devices work has been countless and overwhelming. In addition to my time wasted, I have spent well over $1,000 and it blows my mind the lack of service/solutions I’ve received as a hard working individual who invested in your products for the safety and security of my family. I have a lot more to talk about but apparently, nobody cares from this company. It seams as if it’s ok to just take my money without repercussions. I’ll be sure to document this on social media since nobody from ring wants to reach out to help resolve the issues I have been experiencing.

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Sorry to hear about your experience @TJM. This is not at the experience we intend and we are here to do what it takes to improve it! The best place to start will be with network connection. If operation is not efficient and you are hearing audio feedback during videos, wifi signal strength is the first variable to check on. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on how to optimize signal strength for this performance. Good call on adding an extender, as this can minimize distance and interferences.

In addition to wifi connection, mobile device connection is also important. Please ensure bluetooth and VPN is disabled while streaming a video through the Ring app. If the audio feedback persists, ensure you are not too close to the Cams while answering a video as this can cause an echo or feedback.

Have you been able to get your Ring Pro powered up? Feel free to let us know how the above goes, and any other concerns you are experiencing here, as we are happy to assist further! :slight_smile:

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You are not alone my friend. These ring devices simply do not last long, and once it is outside of the 1 year warranty …the “Ring Team” will not help you with solutions, but only tell you to purchase a new one. I’ve had a spot light cam not turn on at all after trouble shooting it with 2 different Ring reps. My device is about a year and a half old, and outside of warranty. The protection plan is $10 a month… at that point I might as well hire an electrician and get a real security system that will at least last me a while. I’m aware of the product fine print/marketing strategies, but yet again I fell for it yet again. A company that over charges for products that have a short life span, overcharges for a warranty which in one year basically would pay for a brand new item any way, and to top it off …they don’t even offer a repair service at a cost. Just another disappointing product.

I have the plan. I never regretted it.
I can a doorbell pro, 4 cams, and, floodlight cams.
They’re all covered. I also get alarm monitoring.
Can’t beat the price. So far nothing has broken, but if it did I’d get a new one. $100 is what a new outdoor cam would cost by itself. So let them all fail. I’m covered. And my house is monitored as well.


Comparitively speaking. They are not worth it at all. A spotlight cam is $200 unless you get it in a bundle. Then you have to pay for the protection plan. So 200 + 120 = 320 in your first year just to have a functional camera that is “covered”. If you look into wired surveillance systems… there are better options better price and better quality. The spotlight cam is simply a faulty design that can not handle normal weather conditions…with time the battery terminals will get damaged. So sure … If youre willing to pay for the protection plan go for it. But I personally think they are overpriced for the DIY/nonelectrician market.

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