Horrible and Expensive Experience

I have purchased (3) ring stickup cameras, (1) ring flood light camera, (1) ring alarm 10pc set, (1) ring doorbell 2 and also (1) ring doorbell pro. I have spent countless time on the phone with different representatives and also searching online for solutions because the representatives could not find a solution to my troubles. I had to pay $350 to get an electrician out to my place to attempt to fix / help install my doorbell because I was told by your representatives I needed a new transformer. I ended up fixing it on my own because he mistakingly blew out a fuse and could not fix the problem I was having with my ring equipment but demanded I still pay for the transformer replacement that was not necessary. The batteries on my (3)stickup cam devices have not been able to hold a charge so they do not properly operate. When they were working, they made very loud static noises when I viewed the footage. Everything sounds distorted and as if someone was wrinkling a candy wrapper into the microphones. The notifications are delayed when any motion is detected. I’ve adjusted all of my setting properly to make sure that it was not due to any less sensitive detection mode. The amount of time I’ve spent attempting to make these devices work has been countless and overwhelming. In addition to my time wasted, I have spent well over $1,000 and it blows my mind the lack of service/solutions I’ve received as a hard working individual who invested in your products for the safety and security of my family. I have a lot more to talk about but apparently, nobody cares from this company. It seams as if it’s ok to just take my money without repercussions. I’ll be sure to document this on social media.

Hi @TJM – we’re here to help. However, I’m a bit confused as to what best next steps would be and what exactly you need assistance one. We can certainly provide wiring advice if that is needed with the Pro. Also, Want to confirm it is the Ring Pro and not Ring Elite? Furthermore, can you please confirm which Stick Up Cams you have and how many notifications per day you receive on them? Battery life is contingent on the number of alerts you receive. We’ll be happy to help find the best motion zones for you and your home. Don’t worry we’ll get you up and running in no time :slight_smile:

I have (3) Battery Powered Stick up Cameras that are setup outdoors. I have the doorbell pro. I have the Floodlight Camera which needs to be wired and I feel like the wires should have been included for the price I’ve paid. My notifications were not constant, they would alert me periodically. More so when someone or something is present but they batteries need to be replaced with a new set of batteries. All of my products were brand new, I don’t understand what could be the problem. I also bough a WiFi extender just to make sure I wasn’t having a bad signal. The speakers are not clear… very choppy and sounds like a broken record. It only projects bits and pieces of what you try to say.

Hi @TJM Thanks for getting back to me. Wow! Way to get the full ’ Ring of Security’ for your home. I promise you will enjoy them as much as I enjoy my devices.

In regards to the Floodlight Cam- this device does require to be hardwired, and we ensure we state that on our product page. No sweat if you didn’t see that part, trust me I’m now drinking 5 cups of coffee a day and still have no idea what day it is, so mistakes happen! Just to confirm are you not able to hard wire it (110-240V) ?

Being that you bought so many devices and they are all being installed, I’m curious about your wifi speeds. Ring devices run off UPLOAD speed, not download. Per device, we suggest 1-2 mbps. Can you please run a speed test next to your router as well as next to where the devices are located? A poor wifi connection can contribute to choppy audio and poor video quality. Here’s a speed test you can use: ring.com/speed

I’m confused about the batteries. Can you please elaborate? Also, the extender you purchased, was it a Ring Chime Pro or different extender? Thanks

My upload mbps from the furthest devices is as low as 13 and as high as 37. Correct, I am not able to hardwire my Floodlight cam due to the fact that there are no previous wires from a floodlight. Nor were additional wires provided to connect or split from an electric garage door or electrical outlet. As far as the batteries, they need to be replaced. I need new batteries, they don’t seem to be holding a charge. I purchased an At&t WiFi extender.

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