Horizontal mounting with video doorbell 4?

Has anyone tried to mount the video doorbell 4 horizontally so the field if view is taller and slimmer? If so, any issues with functionality? I am aware that the video orientation cannot be changed in the app (can be changed after export though).

I just purchased this model with the solar mount. After researching the competition I chose ring because it was the only one with a sleek/integrated solar mount option and a chime. I do not have existing wiring and am mounting to brick, so I want to get it right.

Horizontal mount would seem to give me a much better view of my porch and allow for ideal placement on the right side of my door, next to the handle. I have considered wedge/corner options, and they do not provide a great solution for my small porch.

I called customer support and they said they would not recommend a horizontal mount because motion detection might not work as well and water might enter through the speaker holes. However, there is a film on the inside of the speaker hole that appears to waterproof it, and visitors would need to walk right past the camera to reach the door, so I think motion detection will be fine even on low sensitivity.

Thanks to anyone with advice! I’m seriously considering switching to the nest or eufy dual if I can’t get this to work.

Hi @user56731. I would also not recommend this. The doorbell was designed to be mounted vertically and mounting it in any ofter fashion will result in Motion Detection not working accurately. If you are worried about capturing an area that the doorbell does not see, I would suggest getting a Stick Up Camera to cover the over area.

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