Honeywell battery chime with wired Ring doorbell 3

I have a mechanical door bell which sounds like bizzz or buzzz. The sound is annoying and I’m thinking to replace it with a Honeywell DW313s.

Wiring is difficult for me, there is two cables going to the mechanical chime.

I’m thinking to use this doorbell in battery mode and connect those cables to A1 and A2

Do you think it will work?

This is the model:

This is the the wiring guide, page 2 is the battery:

This is a photo of my current chime:

Hey @ali.b. After checking the chime compatibly list and seeing that your chime kit does not show up on the list of compatible or incompatible devices, I investigated a little deeper into this by checking out our installation guide here, which has a video of how to install the Doorbell with an existing chime kit. Although, I was unable to tell - do you have the two wires that come out, like in the video, to connect to the Ring Video Doorbell 3? It does not look like you do, so I have a feeling that this chime kit may not be compatible.