Homebridge or HOOBS: An alternate to Ring Desktop

Those of you concerned about the discontinuation of Ring Desktop may want to investigate Homebridge or HOOBS. Homebridge is open-source and free but it’s techie. HOOBS are a $200 Raspberry Pi pre-configured with Homebridge, so they’re not as difficult to setup. These things can get all kinds of Wi-Fi devices into HomeKit, Google Home, or Alexa which is really cool. I use a HOOBS with HomeKit myself. The only thing I need Ring apps for is viewing and managing recordings, but I can live with that.

To Ring:
In a world that is becoming less secure by the day, discontinuing your desktop app is a rotten thing to do to your customers. The desktop app is one of the main reasons I bought into your ecosystem. Without it, I will not buy anymore of your products or recommend them to others. For example, if my Ring Video Doorbell Pro were to fail at this point, it absolutely would not be replaced with a Ring product. You’re not the only game in town now and some of your competitors offer superior hardware, software and service.