Home vs Away?

Whilst we were away on holiday for 2 weeks, I had my Ring devices set to Away to be alerted.
Since being back, I’ve put the devices back to Home, but I’ve noticed I’m not being notified as much whenever there’s motion outside.
My main concern is last month we had an attempted break in, and the guy stopped trying to wedge open the window with his screwdriver when the Ring doorbell went off, even though he had been on our drive and at the window for a good minute or so, and the Ring doorbell was set to Home.
Would it be easier to set it to Away when going to bed ? The only issue then is having a disturbed night of sleep when a car goes past, and I get a notification.
I’ve checked other settings and all seems correct.

Hi @MattGregg424. At this time, motion notifications from Ring Doorbells or Cameras are not controlled via the Modes settings. You can toggle motion detection on or off via Modes to control whether your devices detect and record motion in a specific Mode. You can learn more about how to customize your Modes settings here.