Home power monitoring

I have a vacation home that I would like to monitor the incoming electric utility power. We had an outage that I was unaware of for days and we lost a lot of food in the fridge/freezer and could have had pipes freezing. I see that ring has 3rd party products by Leviton and GE that plug into wall outlets that can control lamps and other small wattage devices. I talked with tech support and none of these devices can send an alert to my ring app letting me know that power has been lost at the outlet. This is something significant that’s missing from your portfolio of devices. I have done a lot of research and there really is nothing out there on the residential market for this. I’ve talked with many other vacation home owners and this would definately be something highly sought out. All that would be needed is to add a small battery to the plug in devices that could have enough power to send a few alerts to the ring app. This is very similar to your other devices that can detect floods, freezing temps, smoke and CO, etc. Please help! John Windley13@gmail.com

The Ring alarm will tell you the power is off and running on battery. It contains a battery and Sim card with data use. So without power you will be notified

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Thanks so much, Tech support did not offer any solution. I would love to know if anyone has used the ring alarm to monitor power? And how well it works?

This summer we had a bunch of power failures. I received a notification that my alarm had lost power and was on battery. After that I checked to see if my smart lights from another company worked on my phone but couldn’t connect. So the alarm was correct that power was out throughout my house. When power was restored the alarm notified me that the power was restored to the alarm. I’m sure others with the alarm and power problems will say the same.