Holiday chimes

Two years ago I added the Christmas chime for my Ring doorbell. It only plays on my iPhone- and does so year round. How do I remove it for a standard chime?

Hi @user1693. This Help Center article here will point you in the right direction!

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I am having the same issue that this person is having. I changed my Ring Chime tone to a Christmas chime. Now that the holidays are over, I managed to change my Chime to a standard chime tone, but my phone continues to play the Christmas chime even though I’ve changed it several times. I have followed the Ring instructions on how to change it but it doesn’t matter, it still plays Christmas chimes. How do I get it to play something…anything…else?

Hi @Kentrock. Have you tried fully removing the Ring App from your phone and reinstalling it? This should reset the alert tone so you’re no longer hearing the Christmas chime tone and instead hearing the selected tone. Let me know if that clears this up for you. :slight_smile: