I’m trying to view old history, but I got a notification saying my trial period was over. I paid for the year, just to view a particular history and now it says that information is no longer available.

Hey @jagiffen. Did you have a lapse of the plan inbetween when the trial expired and when you purchased a plan? If you do not set up a plan before the trial is over, there will be this lapse in coverage, even if you miss the trial ending by an hour or minutes. Whenever there is a lapse in coverage, any previously stored footage is no longer accessible as it have been deleted and removed from the storage. Since there is no storage plan for the device, there is no way to keep the videos saved. Even when subscribing to a new plan, those videos have already been deleted and there is no way to access them at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, but rest assured as long as the plan remains active with no lapse in coverage, you should not have this concern in the future.