History 4 blue arrows >>>>

In my history, there is 4 blue arrows (>>>>) when trying to play recording it’s a completely black screen and lasts 3 seconds and stops?? I can’t find anything in ring help to identify these arrows meaning?

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Hi @Andym77. This is odd. If possible, can you upload a screenshot of this happening? This will give the Ring Community a better idea of what is happening and we’ll be able to determine the next best steps. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am also having the same issue. However my video will not even play. I have a paid subscription and I cannot even view history on my videos

I have the same problem and do NOT like it.

Hi there, neighbors! I see this in my Ring app as well, between two different Video Doorbells. When comparing these Video Doorbells settings in the Ring app, both are using people only mode, but only one of them has the Advanced Motion detection enabled. You’ll notice there are different icons for motion depending on settings and if the event was confirmed to have a person detected, confirmed human movement, or just general motion activity. Feel free to confirm this in your Ring apps and let me know any observations you have with it. :slight_smile: