High RSSI even with Doorbell Pro attachment help!

I bought the ring doorbell for us around Christmas. The router is about 30 feet away from the doorbell. It was getting an rssi of about 65 to 69. I was missing motions due to poor signal so I researched and bought the doorbell pro to go with it. I have the doorbell pro set up exactly in between the router and doorbell. There is one interior wall and then obviously the external wall between the two. Now I get an rssi of 62 to 67. I moved the doorbell pro to the other side of the interior wall so it was literally on opposite side of the ring doorbell. Im still getting 57 to 62 rssi. Im still missing stuff! I was cleaning the camera today and it didn’t pick me up. A FedEx guy dropped off a package right in front of the camera… nothing. Im beyond frustrated! $200 for a camera and pro and still can’t get accuracy. someone please help!

Make sure you are using the 2.4ghz WiFi for your Ring kit. I find it works better as it has better wall penetration. Even one exterior wall can stop 5GHZ wifi dead.

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We were gifted a Doorbell Pro and was getting RSSI of -57 to -62. Not ideal…

Ordered and installed at TP-Link RE 215, put the extender right by the door (behind a wall), now get a RSSI -45 to RSSI -37. MUCH happier!
The extender also stated I had I in a great location (using their tool).

So - get a extender with great reception and then put the extender as near to your device(s).

BTW - I put it on a 5Ghz channel - better video. Even when I had marginal signal.

Much happier now. Hate to run expensive equipment marginally.

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Hi I have a ring 3 and a chime pro. When I change the volume of the doorbell , the motion volume follows it lock and step. Same for when I change the motion volume - the door bell volume follows suit. The sliders are mirroring one another for some reason. This is the latest iOS app latest iOS and latest firmware for both the chime pro and ring 3 door bell. Thanks