High pitched screech on audio when a suspicious person got within 5 ft of my camera?

We just had a scary incident with a fake-seeming security salesman at the door, pushily asking whether we had a real security system or just had stickers up, as we kept asking him to leave.

When he got within 4-6 ft of our Ring cameras, the audio became a high pitched shrill screech, like a fax machine or dial up. Did he have a hacking device on him? Is that what it could sound like? The video is uncanny, the minute he gets within 4-6 ft the audio goes high frequency din, and it goes back to normal audio as he leaves. You can hear nothing but the ring for the duration of him asking us pushy Qs about our security setup, until he walks away.

Hey @j84s. Thank you for sharing your experience here with the Community! Security is our top priority at Ring, and our team of security experts are always working to ensure that you are safe and protected on all fronts. As Ring devices are wifi-enabled, it needs a wifi signal to operate. If you’re concerned about specialized burglars using wifi jammers, we recommend using two devices (a Doorbell and a Spotlight Camera for example) to provide overlapping coverage. It’s possible the person may have had something on them that caused this high pitch sound, and if you are worried about them returning, it may be best to get any video evidence of this person over to your local authorities.

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