Hey Ring, new android version 3.28.0 issues

Update to android version 3.28.0 today, 7 cameras on my network, 4 wired floodlights, 1 mini wired and 2 battery stickups.

After the update my stick up battery cam no longer has the option to choose “there is motion at your front door” as an app alert tone. With 7 cameras I needed that particular app alert tone.

Can’t Ring come up with more app alert tones for those of us that have more cameras than there are tones to use?

Also, now when I open the Ring app and tap the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left on my android phone, tap on devices and tap on one of my cameras, the back arrow that is at the top of my phone screen no longer functions. When I tap it it doesn’t take me back to the list of cameras like it did in the previous version 3.27.2

Can we get that fixed and add more app alert tones?

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Mine has the app tone still. But the back arrow doesn’t work for me.
Here’s a video showing the app tone.


Ah, I noticed the same thing on my android phone and thought it was just my phone … My back arrow on any camera screen doesn’t take me back to the list of cameras like it did in the previous version.

And I agree that there needs to be more app alert tones for cameras (I using 7 cams). I don’t like having to swipe my phone’s screen (to unlock it) in order to look and read the notification alert in order to determine which camera has detected motion.

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Thanks for the response.

Are you using an iOS app? The screen shots you posted are way different from what they look like on my android. And sooo many ringtones to choose from. I have a total of 10 not counting the ‘silent’ app tone. Is it really an app tone if it doesn’t make a sound?

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No, same version. Android 10 one plus 7T and same on my Pixel 3A XL. Strange it’s not the same.

Here’s a link to download that tone if you want it.

For the lack of ring tones I’m thinking the issue is that my Galaxy S6 is maxed out at Android 7 version. I tried the Ring app on my wife’s S10 and the view looked very similar to what you posted. Back arrow still a issue on the S10 though.

Here’s a thought. We all want more Alert-sounds to choose from. But instead of having Ring pick additional alert-sounds for us, would it be possible to add an alert-sound called “Custom” and then provide a method for the user to “Import” a sound file into this custom slot?

Even better, provide “Custom 1”, “Custom 2”, and Custom 3", etc. That way the user could import several different alert-sounds according to their specific desires/needs.

There are plenty of Sound Files that can be downloaded free off the internet. And you could even make your own alert-sound file or alert-voice recording too! I bet some people will make some funny/unique sound files to use as their custom alert-sounds!

What do you think?