Here's a Ring joke

How many bits does it take a Ring camera to alert you?

ONE! But you’ll wait 20 seconds to get it!

This is true for my Ring Pro near the front of my garage. WiFi reception is great and I get 180/10 Mbps speed test. I can drive into my garage at night, my headlights activate motion (even though my driving path is not zoned), I close my garage door, get out of my car, open my door to inside, and as I’m closing my inside door my phone finally alerts me of the previous motion. This happens even while home doing nothing. My digital wifi chime alerts me immediately, then 15 to 20 seconds later I hear my phone in the distance. I guess this is the quality of service you receive when you only pay $2.50/m.

Hi @MrTom. A short delay of a few seconds is normal when receiving a push notification on your phone, however it shouldn’t take too long for the notification to come through. I’d recommend uninstalling the Ring App, restarting your phone to clear the cache, and reinstalling the Ring App. After that, try testing out the notification by triggering a test event on your Doorbell. Try this while connected to wifi and while connected to cellular data, as the connection may be stronger on one versus the other, and a poor connection can be contributed to delays in receiving notifications.