Helpful information on securing your ring system, and getting outstanding signal with little or no down time

I bought the newest, most powerful, wide band modem currently made, it is well capable of over 6 gig speed, too bad no one offers it.

The user’s manual was only available a download, but when I had time I read it carefully. Because it has so many bandwidths the modem/router was capable of 20 over 20 separate networks. The system carries 8 firewalls, spam blockers and full self-contained virus protection. Huh I thought, reading how sometimes thieves try to hack a small device because it is less sophisticated to foul the other devices.

I said OK thieves, own network, the entire system goes in that network. With the security set to levels so high it will make your nose bleed. And then encrypted it. Before I did that the ring would connect disconnect, reconnect etc. Since no issue. There is not a thief in the world who would bother with that set up.

Did not stop there, Iphones have been having issues communicating with PSP providers. OK I phones get their own network, specifically set with security and programming and setting specific to optimal use of an iphone.

Some family members though like Android, ok, Android got its own network specifically set up for Android optimal use.

Of course, all smart devices in the house, so the oven, refrigerator, microwave, washer and dryer and the thermostat have to go somewhere.

Didn’t stop there, own my own business, cash registers, credit devices etc, noise bleed security got there own private network, not only that I put two encryptions and another set of security programs in front.

That works really well

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Hi @user27178. Thanks for this information. It sounds like you are very secure!

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