Help with zone edit on a floodlight pro cam

I have my zone set close to my house, but even things outside my zone still gets detected. See two pics I’ll attach to this. One shows the edit I made, the other shows where the person was walking.

Another issue I have is the security light goes on randomly at night. I turned off the passive record video (the one that record a picture(or was it video) every few mins thinking that’s what’s causing the light to turn on, but I still see the light going on at night and no warning or recorded video. When I check history, nothing was recorded.

I hope you get a answer, as I’m having the same problem with notifications of activity way outside the zone I set. It’s picking motion up an extra 50-75 feet.

Hi neighbors. Here is what I suggest. Try making multiple, smaller zones instead of one large zone. This will give the Motion Zones a more defined area to detect motion in. Try this for a few days and let me know if you notice any improvement.

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