Help with volume

Ring doorbell 2

two way talk volume far to loud, just bought this only to discover the volume at the bell unit is far to loud so much so people in other streets can hear me talk to the postman. Is there away to turn down the volume?

I know there is a slider for the chime volume but nothing to control the actual 2 way coms I find that extremely poor design if that’s the case?

Anyone have same problem or advice


Have you gotten any assistance with this topic?
I just set up my new Ring and the two way talk has no volume at all on either device.

But the kicker is when I go back and watch the video the persons voice on each device is present but extremely low.

I cannot find where I can turn the volume up.

I was hoping if you found how to turn yours down that might help me know how to turn mine up?

Any help would be great!

Thanks so much

Hi @Smithajs. This Help Center article here has some great tips and tricks for Audio Issues. If you are still having audio issues, you might need to adjust your internet router. This Help Center article here will highlight some of the steps you need to take. I hope this helps!