Help with snapshot and motion

I brought a ring wired doorbell and plug in adapter from you yesterday. I’ll be honest I’m a bit disappointed with it. I brought one cause my daughter has one and hers is great. I’ve been having problems with cars parking outside my drive and for some reason it doesn’t pick anything like that up even though it’s in the motion detection zone. Also the snapshot isn’t working. Between recording when it does pick a person up it won’t show the snapshots like my daughters. She has set it up for me and is identical to hers. The snapshot is turned on with a minute at a time. The motion zone is also set up to
pick up where it should do.
Any help would be appreciated

Hi @Stuartsjj. What is the RSSI for your Doorbell? Would you be able to upload a picture of how it is mounted? Proper placement of Ring Doorbell is crucial to proper motion detection. I suggest looking over this Community post here for tips on positioning your Ring Doorbell.