Help with placement of doorbell

Hi all,
I need help as I am not sure where or how to place my video doorbell.

Without knowing which doorbell your are asking about, I can give you the general information link.

You can always search the support site for the exact one you have to find more information.

Hi @Lapsaj! That is certainly a unique area for Doorbell placement, thank you for the picture example. The best first step will be to check out our Video Doorbell Comparison guide, as this article shows the dimensions of each Doorbell. We want to ensure it will fit, of course! Generally, the Doorbell must be mounted 48 inches off the ground for optimal detection and performance. The framing around the door looks to be a little thin, but the Doorbell Pro might be sleek enough to fit. If not, there looks to be a thicker frame on the right side of the window, a little further from the door.

We’ve seen neighbors get creative with mounting, so feel free to check around the Community for any solutions that might work for you. Also, our Cameras feature many mounting options that might suit your entryway, as an option to keep in mind in case a Video Doorbell will not fit. :slight_smile: